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Channeling the crowd-sourced mindshare

“I don’t want to be out here doing nothing. It’s dangerous.” This from a 14-year-old boy in Chicago who should be in school, but is not, because of the Chicago Teachers’ strike. This isn’t a rebuke of why he’s not in school, it’s just a brief commentary about the phrase itself as metaphor for the power… more Channeling the crowd-sourced mindshare

Empowered empathic employees for everyday living

“Words fail, pictures fail, people fail. What hope, then? Well, great art never fails. And we can always try again — try to do better next time. There is always hope in the spirits of those who do try, in words, pictures, music, and everyday living.” –Neil Peart And everyday living… She made us take… more Empowered empathic employees for everyday living