#33 – Never Be Afraid to Skate the Ice and Take the Risks – Rhonda Taylor

rhonda-taylor-picThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Rhonda Taylor, VP Sales of HRmarketer, delivering real-time data and rich HR industry insights to drive HR marketing and media relations campaigns. After four years of social media focus in the human resource community, she’s now one of the best in creating social strategy and understanding the impact. Rhonda is also considered a pioneer in the Women’s Hockey Movement and is the first woman to sit on Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors after its 65 years of existence. Years earlier she launched her own staffing startup, which she eventually sold to Adecco after scaling growth as far as she could. Rhonda believes that, whether it be for the success of a company, a volunteer organization, or enjoying an activity, always keeping in mind you are part of a team is key. Many years ago while working with a Japanese companies she had to entrench herself in kaizen — meaning “continuous improvement.” This combined with her ongoing motto “if it is to be it is up me” helped her to never be afraid to take on new responsibilities, or to learn a new skills, and to never be afraid to skate the ice and take the risks.

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