#31 – On Looking Forward to Mondays – Diane Prince

diane-princeThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Diane Prince, a former and future startup co-founder who’s on a personal mission of women empowerment. As an entrepreneur who has owned and sold multi-million dollar companies, she loves using her experience to promote the mission of safer skin care and to mentor other women through her involvement with Beautycounter — a mission-led B corp, whose mission is to get safer personal care products into the hands of everyone. With a complete and sometimes dangerous lack of risk aversion, Diane is always in search of better ways to work, a personal personal mission of hers —  to empower women to live how they want, and have the confidence to take control of their lives. She’s adverse to florescent lights and office buildings and is on a path of discovery of alternative ways to work. She believes we don’t need to fit into a mold (or an office), that we can try things that we want to do, and that we can all look forward to Mondays.

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