#27 – When You Rethink Happy and Commit to Small Changes – Doug Kisgen

doug-kisgenThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Doug Kisgen, a serial entrepreneur, organizational consultant, and the published author of Rethink Happy. Doug’s company, Kisgen Group, works with entrepreneurs and executives to help them get what they want through the use of a short survey that validly measures seven work-related traits. He’s built several businesses since his first one right out of college and has also remained an accomplished musician, songwriter and actor. A little over a decade ago Doug relocated his family to buy a business and ended up $300,000 in debt. He learned the hard way what life was really all about and managed to turn his life around and become a millionaire – and a happier family guy. Doug realized that in order to experience authentic joy, he needed to revisit what happiness truly was. He asked himself questions like if he should include God in the equation, how he should balance home and work, why do bad things happen to good people, and more. Doug’s answers guided him to rethink happy and commit to small changes that led to big results.

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