#26 – How Success Is a Symptom of Your Community – Stephen Thompson

stephen-thompsonThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Stephen Thompson, senior manager in executive Recruiting LinkedIn, where he finds engineering leaders in data science, distributed systems and analytics. Stephen is a distinguished leader in the tech recruiting industry and is dedicated to finding and hiring some of the most unique and smartest people in the world. Prior to LinkedIn, he was instrumental in helping the Google and Apple organizations grow dramatically. Stephen has run for public office, worked as a wildland forest firefighter, appeared on the cover of USA Today, and been interviewed on television and radio shows as well as enjoyed a short stint as a commentator on a nationally syndicated sports radio talk show in the Bay area. He’s also survivor of poverty, homelessness and abuse, left in a hotel by a drug-­addicted mother and then sent to foster care. Stephen’s story is fundamentally about how one person, a family, or an entire community can make a remarkable and life-­changing difference in a child’s life, ensuring that success is a symptom of your community.

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