#25 – The Part Where You’re Still Writing Your Story – Sara Isenberg

sara-isenbergThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Sara Isenberg, founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Santa Cruz Tech Beat at santacruztechbeat.com, the go-to source for all things tech in the Monterey Bay region. She’s also the principal consultant at Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Management at saraisenberg.com. For much of her career, Sara was an individual contributor in technology belonging to a team, working in a conventional 9-5 environment, and it’s been a stretch to become independent publisher and run a unique local business. Her work never stops and it requires a dogged sense of responsibility, but she thoroughly enjoys documenting and telling the story of our local tech community, one that’s quite unique from Silicon Valley. Sara believes that to be successful a startup community needs people with good ideas, investors who provide funding, a university, talent to hire, hackathons, etc. — and the telling the local stories, as Santa Cruz Tech Beat does. She’s still writing her story, because like most of us today, it’s ever-changing and evolving.

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