#22 – When a Community-Based Business Makes Work Worthwhile – Casey Coonerty-Protti

bookshopsc-protti-3-090815750xx4767-2687-0-490The Reach West Radio show welcomes Casey Coonerty-Protti, primary manager and owner of independent bookstore Bookshop Santa Cruz. Although Bookshop Santa Cruz is a long-time iconic for-profit family business, Casey focuses everything they do on engaging and nurturing the local community and those individuals and organizations who value books and who value a physical place to discover books. Casey believes this is the key element on how they can survive a highly competitive marketplace where someone is selling the exact same product (books) for a lower price online. She created a mission-based focus for her staff that allows her to better retain staff, motivate them and help them work together towards a common goal. This community-based business gives Casey time to blend her family life with her work in a way that is more sustainable, and it makes work worthwhile.

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