#18 – What You Achieve Is Largely Up to You – Raghav Singh

raghav-singhThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Raghav Singh, a veteran of the HR technology industry and has  over 15 years of experience leading product management at several leading vendors including Taleo, PeopleFluent, Kenexa and Lawson. He has led talent acquisition teams at United Health Group and the World Health Organization, and has been a consultant in the energy, casino, and healthcare industries. Raghav has also had a significant life challenge as well, suffering a tragic accident just three years ago that left him completely paralyzed. Since then he’s had to relearn everything from writing to cutting up his own food, and he’s still learning to walk again. I was able to return to work a year after the accident. Raghav has learned to adapt to his surroundings and work environment, which while familiar, are different when seen from the perspective of a wheelchair. He’s learned that what you achieve is largely up to you.

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