#10 – What You Become Will Surprise You – Mark Willaman

mark-willamanThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Mark Willaman, CEO of HRmarketer and fisher VISTA, companies he founded in 2000. In 1993 he left a well-established global employer for an HR technology startup, something quite risky at any time but especially pre-public internet. Then he launched his own startup called HRmarketer in 2002 and through boom and bust he’s still running it today, along with a marketing and media relations firm. With two decades of executive-level experience in business-to-business marketing and software product development under his belt, Mark reinvented his software business by launching a social marketing workflow and collaboration platform that helps HR, recruiting and benefits companies be more strategic and productive with social marketing. He’ll tell you that, no matter what happens, things are usually never as bad as they seem. What you end up becoming will surprise you.

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