#7 – When Disorder Is Not a Deficit – Doug Ross

doug-rossThe Reach West Radio show welcomes Doug Ross, a seasoned freelance illustrator, fine artist and a volunteer for animal rescue groups in Santa Cruz, CA. Always wanting to try different things and stretch himself, and literally not able to sit in one place, Doug has always embraced flexibility in his world of work. A few years ago he was diagnosed by an expert as having attention deficit disorder (ADD), which finally explained to him why he was always moving from one activity to the next. But that doesn’t hinder him in any way. In fact Doug now volunteers for marine mammal rescue, and at any moment he might get a call and will have to rush out to a local beach and try to catch a sick Sea lion, or go out on a boat in Monterey Bay and help a whale entangled in a net. Doug is also all about facing his fears, joining a local toastmasters group to improve his public speaking. Now he’s the group president.

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