HeavenI’ve never used eHarmony, nor do I have any interest in using the matchmaking service.

There’s nothing wrong with using an online dating site, it’s just that haven’t been exclusively single since 1997, the year eHarmony founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren conceived the idea that there was a better way to find love than leaving it up to chance.

And although some would call meeting my soulmate romantic chance, I prefer to call it synchronicity — a match made in heaven.

Chance or synchronicity, there are those of us who get introduced to our perfect matches, from friends, family, even online services eHarmony or our favorite social network of choice, like Facebook. Somebody always knows somebody who’s a perfect match.

Right? Even when they’re not, but at least it’s slightly better than chance if you’re not a believer in synchronicity.

Boy, we’d sure like a lot more of those in the workplace, wouldn’t we? No, I’m not talking about office romance. I’m talking about better hiring matches. Hiring matches that come from my employee referral networks.

So, that would be like eHarmony meets Facebook. At least that’s what the Founder and CEO of Careerify, Harpaul Sambhi, told me when we talked shop last month.


Take a step back first — North American companies spend about $12B a year on hiring 1/3 of their employees via job boards and agencies (JP Morgan & CareerXRoads) that account for 25% of their hires. Employee referrals on the other hand account for 27% of organization’s overall hires at a fraction of the cost, and with 2,300 HR pros across North America believing social media will be the primary recruitment tool, then you definitely see where things are going (see Social HR, Harpaul’s book).

Award-winning Careerify was founded in 2009 (when Harpaul was right out of college, which makes me sigh with self-loathing) and is a social talent acquisition and employee engagement software system that organizations use to build and manage their recruitment and employee referral strategy on.

Similar to other online referral plays like TopProspect and ReferralBonus (and many others), the Careerify platform allows organizations to connect with their employee’s social networks.

One differentiation is that Careerify is touted as having a disruptive social recruiting algorithm that’s agnostic to applicant tracking systems. According to Harpaul, Careerify will:

  • Improve employment branding via your company’s personal networks
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce job board/agency costs
  • Make recruitment more strategic while reducing administrative burden

We’ll see if that’s the case, but I was impressed with the product nonetheless. Companies can enroll either part or their entire employee populations into the system, as well as their alumni networks — all from a simple form, a spreadsheet or a dump from HRMS.

The social intelligence built into the software contextually analyzes and understands the open positions from a company and its employee population and networks, but it’s up to employees to complete their profile with all their social networks. Once updated, employees can share job opportunities with their networks automatically and targeted — categorized by location, industry, job skills, job type, etc.

There’s also an employee engagement module (think Rypple and Globoforce) that helps companies understand how exactly rewards drive engagement and participation in their organizations.

It’s a highly configurable online software system that allows you to embed multiple employee referral programs and track them with a variety of reporting and metrics. Employees and managers alike can both see who they referred and when as well as managers getting the broader social recruiting view to see what rewards programs work and which ones don’t. They do currently have recruiting and on-boarding integration with Taleo Business Edition — the only talent acquisition/management firm to date they’ve integrated with — but there are sure more to come.

And that’s what we need more of today — referral matches made in heaven from innovative companies such as Careerify.